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Operational Model and the benefits to the ship owning companies

We have established a simple and lean internal structure, with clear functional lines and procedures. This structure enables the efficient command and control, allows close cooperation between sections and it is open to proposals and new ideas for improvement. Yet, a culture of discipline guarantees the adherence to our rules.

We apply an "Open Doors" policy which allows all parties involved to have access to e information pertinent to their case.

We make use of a Management Information System, adaptive to the needs and requirements of Flag States and our customers. It takes the data relevant with the operation of the vessel and assists the Company's personnel to take timely actions. The Management Information System also offers full transparency to all stake holders, by making all records and data readily available.

The benefits for our customers are obvious: they can be sure that the resources they have assigned to our company are handled properly, they can make better scheduling and they can use the data to feed their strategic objectives process.

On the other hand, the flag states and the port authorities can easily ascertain the conformance with the rules and regulations.

More specifically the Company is focusing on the Operating Cost and the Daily running cost rates keeping the cost as low as reasonable considering the safety of the crew, vessel and the \Environmental protection as well.

Operating cost factors

Continuous evaluation of the trends such as Crew costs, Stores, Repairs and maintenance, Insurance, Major repairs/Drydocking.


Careful selection of the Manning Agent that provides well trained personnel, at a level well above the standards set by the International Organizations and the Flag Administrations.

The Professionalism and in general the quality of the Crew are essential elements for the smooth operation and maintenance of the vessels resulting in an overall operating cost reduction.


The selection of suppliers is among those that the quality of the stores and the cost are satisfying the company's policy and the MLC '96 requirements.

Repairs and maintenance

The Company's Management System fulfills the requirements of IACS Members Societies and covers all needs for maintaining the Equipment in condition that is required by the Vessels Classification Society, Flag requirements and relevant International Maritime Organizations requirements.

All Equipment/Machinery repairs and the periodical maintenance programming system (daily-weekly-monthly-annual PMS) are close monitored by Company's experts focusing on the systems reliability, vessels availability and reasonable cost of repairs.


The selection of an Insurance Company among those that will provide services protecting the owner against physical loss or damage and Third Party Insurance keeping the cost reasonable.


The Company's well maintained data base will give the opportunity for continuous evaluation of the selected agents. All charges will be available any time throughout the data base.

Direct contracts with local agents at the ports of interest will ensure constant prices and reliable services.


Cooperation with suitable Ship Yards worldwide gives the opportunity for the vessels availability in the trading areas.

Our qualified and experienced Technical personnel are available during the time of repairs in order all needed actions be taken on time controlling the time available for repairs and the allocated funds for the repairs.