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Our People

The Core Management personnel comprises of highly educated and well trained individuals. They have a vast experience in marine operations, with the three of them accumulating about 100 years of involvement. Apart of the marine operations they have been involved in crisis management at the highest level, they have sound experience in negotiations in international environment and each one of them has a long history of handling highly sensitive issues with huge impact. Also, they have been actively involved in multi billion ship-building projects and have work experience in the vessel classification field.

The rest of the personnel has been carefully selected under very strict requirements. Our team consists of people with high educational credentials from different disciplines and they operate under the highest quality standards and they apply strict and transparrent procedures resulting in an efficient, sound and rock solid Management of the vessels in the fleet.

Operational Structure

The rapidly evolving operational environment calls for a Structure that is lean and flexible. The right balance of vertical and horizontal lines of command allows NIRIIS to adapt, quickly and effectively, to the constant changing market, yet it ensures a robust structure needed to secure the proper operation of our vessels. The Departments and their tasks are aligned with the guidelines and meet the requirements of the ISM Code.