About Us

NIRIIS Shipping S.A. is a Ship Management Company. The personnel it employs has very high educational credentials and long experience. They operate under the highest quality standards and apply strict and transparent procedures resulting in a sound Management of the vessels in the fleet, in the most efficient way.

The tasks undertaken by the company include, but are not limited to, the exploitation, operation and chartering of vessels under any flag, average adjustment, representation of companies having the same purposes as above, management of vessels under any flag and representation of ship owning companies.

Niriis Shipping, facilitates investors in all stages and milestones of acquiring a vessel, providing reliable consulting services and critical data for solid decision making.

Our Mission

"To set the standards for safe, environmentally secured, global sea transportation through the professional management of well-trained, qualified and motivated seaborne and shore personnel, to fully meet our customers' expectations".